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As the name implies, this page is intended for the writer of speculative fiction. One of the things I've always been told about the "Information Superhighway" is that all of the information you could ever want on any given subject is just a few mouse clicks away. While the reality of the situation is much different, a seasoned web veteran will tell you that even the information that is available on the web is generally scattered across many different pages that have no connection to each other and must be searched for diligently. This usually requires much more than the "few" mouse clicks that were promised, and also quite a bit of typing things into search engines and whatnot.

I got sick of that very quickly, especially when my Netscape bookmark file became one of the biggest on my hard drive. Many of those links in my bookmark file were writing related, and most of them were either scattered pages of useful information or pages of links put together by other writers. Many of the pages had duplicate information or links on them, but each had been bookmarked separately because they had enough unique content to warrant my attention. Finally, however, my sense of completeness overcame my natural laziness, and I decided to create this page. Instead of clicking through a few dozen web pages, each containing duplicate links and duplicate information, I can now access all of that information through just one page.

I spent countless hours straining my eyes at my computer screen compiling these links. I call it the "Somewhat Complete" page because by the very nature of the web, by the time you read this, there will already be a few more pages of info that I don't have a link to. However, I have endeavored to make it as thoroughly complete as possible both for my benefit and yours. I have included links to every major publisher of speculative fiction that has a web presence that I could find, and countless other links to information of use to the writer of speculative fiction. I have arranged them in intuitive categories, so that you hopefully can find what you are looking for as quickly as possible.

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